Break Box


Break Box for Self-Regulation

Filled with our best sensory solutions, Break Box gives kids the tools to regulate their energy and emotions, easing into the just-right state for learning. The durable box is filled with tools for fine motor activities, calming pressure, heavy work, tactile exploration and hand-eye coordination. The activity guide illustrates how to integrate sensory movement breaks into the daily schedule to pre-empt problem behavior. As a result, kids can get back on track, improving mood, concentration and outcomes.  Choose Starter Kid, Standard Kit or Super Kit.  An Early Childhood Break Box is available for pre-schoolers.  Age 3 to Teens.

“I got this Break Box to help calm my kids down after school. It’s been a true lifesaver for all of us! They run to the box as soon as they walk in each day and they take the toys that they like best. One loves to just sit and wiggle on the Gel Cushion, another child’s favorite is finding the little toys in the Discovery Disc.”

Deborah, Mom

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