Monkey Habitat

“Our 7-year-old has ADHD. The Monkey Habitat keeps Eddie occupied so he’s not
disruptive or destructive with his siblings.”

Our Monkey Habitat for sensory seekers redirects energy with heavy work, such as jumping, climbing, crawling and swinging.
Talk to us about creating a habitat to help your child thrive.


So, you have a “monkey” on your hands? The Monkey Habitat is perfect for kids who tend to be sensory seekers — climbing, touching, pushing, jumping, and always on the go! With many built-in activities, this habitat is sure to keep your active, sensory seeking child busy and burning off energy.

Each Monkey Habitat offers a sensory motor workout that encourages motor planning, plus balance and coordination activities to regulate and modulate sensory information. Kids can climb a wall, jump on a trampoline, take a ride on our Seal Bolster Swing or Skateboard Swing, and exercise and balance over a Peanut Ball. We also recommend protective matting for your Monkey Habitat so your child will feel secure while playing.

If you have a sensory seeking child, look no further than the Monkey Habitat. You’ll never worry about the outside weather since every day will be a great day to play.

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