Panda Habitat

“Kyle emerges from his Panda Habitat feeling good about himself. He’s more alert and can tackle his homework, play with his brother, and even find the words to talk about his day.”

Our Panda Habitat for under responders energizes with sensory input balance and motor planning activities.


If you’ve ever seen a Panda Bear, you can imagine what it’s like to be a sensory under responder. Pandas don’t move too fast. Sometimes they forget things. Sometimes they don’t even respond when we say “Hey, Panda!” Pandas need a bit of stimulation to get going each day and sometimes even in the middle of the day.

The Panda Habitat is the perfect antidote, and provides opportunities for motor planning, muscle toning and coordination, all of which can rev up the engines of kids who are sensory under responders. The Panda “Den” has therapy toys that vibrate such as Tickles the Turtle; outlets for climbing such as our adaptive climbing walls; equipment for vestibular stimulation and balance reactions, such as our Platform Swing and Rocking Raft; and activities for strengthening like our Double Trapeze bar.

Even the most sluggish will lumber toward the fun in the Panda Habitat, and the rest of the family may just want to come along.

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