Rabbit Habitat

“Emma now goes to her Rabbit Habitat instead of waking

us up at 5 AM!”

Rabbit Habitat for over responders is like a roomful of calming hugs. The deep pressure and weighted activities gently guide kids to self regulation.


Some kids get easily startled or overstimulated. Sometimes just the day-to-day demands can be stressful, even on young children. Do you know a child who is a bit anxious, easily worries, and gets frightened? Our Rabbit Habitat is designed for these sensory over responders.

We like to think of this habitat as a bit of a “spa” day. It’s a perfect place for children who get easily startled or over stimulated. Each Rabbit Habitat offers a soothing sensory experience that encourages relaxation, organization and coordination, all known to help us process sensory information and day-to-day demands more efficiently.

Your Rabbit Habitat can offer items such as our Fun Frames, a great hideaway for blocking out the rest of the world. You can choose weighted items such as Heavy Herbert and our Mega Weighted Lap Pad for calming. We also suggest a therapy ball for working on balance, and coordination, or you can inflate it partially and use it like a beanbag chair. We highly recommend a calming swing like the Airwalker or Joki which provides a great place to snuggle up.

Just a few minutes each day in the Rabbit Habitat can make a world of difference, and you may find yourself in the Rabbit “hole” as well.

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